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The University Archives serves as the collective memory of San Francisco State University containing unique and original source material of our University's colorful history.

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Archival Mandate: SFSU Archives

On September 24, 1954, The President's Cabinet approved a document called "College Archives" that listed the recommendations of a Committee established to investigate potential options for the disposition of records generated by San Francisco State College, which stated the following:

(a) It suggested that the college library center its attention on the collection and preservation of significant historical records and on making current records of widespread interest conveniently available.

(b) The centralizing of records that have only historical significance would add to their value by making them accessible and by presenting them as a related whole.

The "College Archives" document establishes the current University Archive in the J. Paul Leonard Library's department known as the University Archives in the Archives/Special Collections Department now located in the Special Collections Unit (Libarary 460). Although the Department's collecting of paper documents has diminished with online archiving of materials throughout the University, its mandate to maintain and promote access to SFSU history-related materials continues.

Campus Resources available on the Internet

Table of Contents for SFSU Archives Guide


SFSU Archival Schema:  Provenance *  Archival Schema  *  Early Documents in Digital Special Collections

SF State's Landmark Curriculum:  Resources Used  *  The Quest for a Nursing Program  *  SF State’s Landmark Curriculum, 1899-1981  *  International Relations: Olive Thomson Cowell  *  SF State’s Pioneering Training in Recreation  *  Ruth Witt-Diamant and the Origins of the Poetry Center  *  Our Pioneering Female Biologist: Edna M. Fisher  *  Fisher Drawing  *  Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies

Performing Arts:  Dance  *  Theater Arts  *  William Knuth and his Music Federation  *  SFSU Pioneering Music Instruction for Teacher Training on the West Coast  *  The College Theatre

Immigrant Education:  English Pronunciation for Foreign Speakers (document)  *  Photographs of the People’s Place

First President: Burk:  Introduction  *  Burk Documents in Digital Special Collections  *  The Spirit of the Classroom  *  A Pioneer in Individualized Instruction  *  SF State’s Earliest Document  *  A Fight Against Lock-Step Schooling  *  The Spirit of the Classroom  *  Psychology Curriculum: The Early Years  *  At the Crossroad: Counseling and Guidance Workshop

Mary Ward:  Introduction  *  Textbooks by Mary Ward  *  Relational Method of Reading by Edward G. Ward  *  Master Teacher in Reading and Arithmetic  *  Mary Ward’s Legacy  *  How The Registrar Saved SF State’s Summer Program in 1923

Student Organizations:  Resources Used  *  Annual Chicken’s Ball  *  Kampus Kapers  *  Chronology of Selected Student Organization  *Early Student Housing: The Rock and Gatorville

Mascot:  Colors and Emblems (1932-1933)  *  Early School Songs  *  Yells (1932-1933)  *  Promoting Campus Spirit: Mascot Controversy of 1931  *  Early Mascot Images in the Press  *  Coach Dave Cox: Early Athletics

Our Intangible Free Speech Movement:  SFSU is Engaged  *  Chronology with bibiography

Experimental College:  Recommended Reading  *  Primary Sources: Student Newspapers  *  Experimental College Archive Folder List  *  Background on the Experimental College  *  Creating Relevance in Higher Education during the 1960s  *  Contemporary Perspectives  * Initiatives Related to the Experimental College

SF State Strike Collection (short version):  Provenance  *  Overview of the Collection  *  Subject Headings for Primary Source Materials in the Collection

Government Documents:  Suggested Government Documents  *  Further Information  *  Find Government Documents  *  Obtain Government Documents  *  Selected University Financial Documents in the Library  *  Selected Master Plan and Strategic Planning Documents  *  Civic Engagement

SPOTLIGHT:  Willie L. Brown Papers:  The Brown Fellowship Program at SFSU  *  Guides to the Brown Collections  *  Introducing the Willie L. Brown, Jr. Collections  *  Moving Images in the San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive  *  Brown Chronicled in the Regional Oral History Office (Bancroft Library)  *  Books about Brown in the Library

Paul K. Longmore Collection:  Guide to the Longmore Papers  *  Longmore Institute on Disability  *  “Patient No More” Exhibit at SFSU  *  Innovative Disability Programs at SF State  *  Introducing the Longmore Papers  *  Celebrating 25 Years of ADA with Links to Earlier Disability Activism Pages  *  Books by Longmore in this Library

University Library History:  The Early Years of the College Library  *  The University Library in Pictures  *  We Make Discovery Happen  *  Origins of the University Library  *  Library Education  *  Evolution of a Library Requirement

Campus Landscape: An Urban Oasis:  SFSU Atlas  *  The Original Landscape  *  Hidden Treasures  *  Chronology of Early Landscaping and Building Dedications  *  The Cesar Chavez Student Center as a Campus Focal Point  *  The Bufano Sculptures  * Thornton Hall and Hensill Hall  *  Lost Gardens  *  Bibliography  *  Earlier Environmental Response: The Underground Student Health Center

Archival Resources in this Library

Campus Secondary Resources available on the Internet

SPOTLIGHT: SF State Magazine article about Anne Adams Helms features Special Collections Book

Individuals come to the University Archives to learn about San Francisco State's past and people including students, faculty, and administrators. Sometimes there is nothing and sometimes discoveries are made.

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