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The University Archives serves as the collective memory of San Francisco State University containing unique and original source material of our University's colorful history.

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Individuals come to the University Archives to learn about San Francisco State's past and people including students, faculty, and administrators. Sometimes there is nothing and sometimes discoveries are made.

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Archival Mandate: SFSU Archives

On September 24, 1954, The President's Cabinet approved a document called "College Archives" that listed the recommendations of a Committee established to investigate potential options for the disposition of records generated by San Francisco State College, which stated the following:

(a) It suggested that the college library center its attention on the collection and preservation of significant historical records and on making current records of widespread interest conveniently available.

(b) The centralizing of records that have only historical significance would add to their value by making them accessible and by presenting them as a related whole.

The "College Archives" document establishes the current University Archive in the J. Paul Leonard Library's department known as the University Archives in the Archives/Special Collections Department now located in the Special Collections Unit (Libarary 460). Although the Department's collecting of paper documents has diminished with online archiving of materials throughout the University, its mandate to maintain and promote access to SFSU history-related materials continues.

Subject Guide

Meredith Eliassen
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Campus History Books

Table of Contents

SFSU Archival Schema


SF State's Landmark Curriculum

   Resources Used

Student Organizations

   Resources Used

Our Intangible Free Speech Movement

   SFSU Engaged

   Chronology with bibiography

First President: Burk


   The Spirit of the Classroom

   Earliest Document

   The Spirit of the Classroom

Mary Ward


   Master Teacher


   Colors and Emblems

   Early School Songs

   Yells (1932-1933)

   Mascot Controversy of 1931

   Early Mascot Images in the Press

   Cox: Early Athletics

Government Documents

   Suggested Government Documents

   Further Information

   How to Find Government Documents

   How to Obtian Government Documents