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Mira Foster

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Associate Librarian
J. Paul Leonard Library
San Francisco State University
1630 Holloway, 321H
San Francisco, CA 94132
Office Hours:
Mon-Thurs 9-5pm


Country Research
by Mira Foster - Last Updated Feb 26, 2013
Resources for business, cultural, news and political research on any country.
Tags: business, country, foreign, government, international, j._paul_leonard, music, san_francisco_state_university, sf_state, sfsu
by Mira Foster, J. Paul Leonard Library Reference, Hesper Wilson - Last Updated Jan 23, 2014
Information about SF State Library's Ebooks, including how to find them, read them, and use them for your research.
International Business
by Mira Foster - Last Updated Feb 24, 2014
Research tips and sources for international business research
Tags: business, country, financial, foreign, international, j._paul_leonard, san_francisco_state_university, sf_state, sfsu, statistics
International Migration
by Mira Foster - Last Updated Mar 13, 2014
International Relations
by Mira Foster - Last Updated Mar 20, 2014
Guide to international relations topics at the SF State Library and beyond.
Tags: international, international_relations, j._paul_leonard, policy, politics, research, research_guide, rss, san_francisco_state_university, sf_state, sfsu
IR 306: US- Central American Relations
by Mira Foster - Last Updated Sep 12, 2013
Resources on monitoring international relations topics on Central American countries and the Americas. RSS Feeds, news sources, policy briefs, and more!
Tags: american, central_american, international_relation, j._paul_leonard, san_francisco_state_university, sf_state, sfsu
IR 322: Latin America Policy Analysis
by Mira Foster - Last Updated Feb 13, 2014
Latin American country research and news sources, including information on setting up RSS feeds.
Tags: course, international_relations, j._paul_leonard, latin-america, rss, san_francisco_state_university, sf_state, sfsu
IR 428: International Political Economy of Food & Hunger
by Mira Foster - Last Updated Sep 5, 2013
This guide accompanies the library instruction session for SF State's IR 428 class taught by Kathy McAfee.
Tags: geography, international, international_relations, j._paul_leonard, san_francisco_state_university, sf_state, sfsu, statistics, united_nations
IR 550: Proseminar in Foreign Policy Analysis
by Mira Foster - Last Updated Oct 1, 2013
A research guide for the undergraduate International Relations capstone course.
Tags: course, international, international_relations, j._paul_leonard, method, research, san_francisco_state_university, sf_state, sfsu, writing
IR 720: International Relations Theory and Critical Literature
by Mira Foster - Last Updated Aug 27, 2012
Course resources and library services for graduate International Relations students
Middle East and Islamic Studies
by Mira Foster - Last Updated Mar 24, 2014
Middle East and Islamic Studies resources for San Francisco State University students.
PLSI 415: Politics of India
by Mira Foster - Last Updated Sep 30, 2013
Research tips and resources for Amita Shastri's Politics of India course at San Francisco State University
PLSI 561: Jurisprudence
by Mira Foster - Last Updated Aug 27, 2013
Resources on civil disobedience, law and related topics for the political science GWAR course at SF State University
Political Science
by Mira Foster - Last Updated Mar 12, 2014
A general guide to political science resources available through the SF State Library and beyond!
Tags: government, grey_literature, j._paul_leonard, policy, politics, research, rss, san_francisco_state_university, sf_state, sfsu
Public Administration
by Mira Foster - Last Updated Feb 3, 2014
Basic research and resource guide to public administration.
Tags: census, government, grey-literature, j._paul_leonard, nonprofit, policy, politics, san_francisco_state_university, sf_state, sfsu
by Mira Foster - Last Updated Aug 27, 2013
This guide shares links to important community service opportunities in the SF Bay Area and around the world.
Tags: career, international, j._paul_leonard, jobs, local, philanthropy, san_francisco_state_university, service, sf, sf_state, sfsu, volunteer, world
If you are doing research for International Business, International Relations, Islamic Studies, Political Science or Public Administration I am happy to help you with your research. Contact me via email or Google Chat for research assistance and to make an appointment.

Office Hours

M-TH 9-5pm

About Mira Foster

Mira Foster has studied or taught in Ghana, China, Namibia, New York and exotic New Jersey.  When she is not listening to students she can be found listening to NPR. 

Her research interests include:

  • The transition from print to digital learning and its impact on the research process
  • Evaluation of academic library services
  • International library development

From 2010-2013 Mira was board member for the African Library Project (, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization which increases literacy in Africa by creating and improving small libraries.  Her favorite books include Jamela's Dress by Niki Daly and The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss.