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PLSI 415: Politics of India: Places to Search

Research tips and resources for Amita Shastri's Politics of India course at San Francisco State University

Helpful Handouts

Research Assignment

Write a research paper of fifteen pages (a maximum of 4,000 words) analyzing one of the following in contemporary India (twentieth century, preferable post-independence):

  1. a political leader
  2. a political party
  3. a political interest group or association
  4. analysis of a significant political or  economic issue.
  5. analysis of a significant political event or phenomenon 

Selected Journals

Suggested Databases for Indian Studies

Library Databases

Country briefings, analysis, and translated news can be found in these library databases. 

Library Databases for Scholarly Analysis

This is a greatly condensed list of library databases to use for your research.  Use the database suggestions for Political Science on the Finding Articles & Databases page for more suggestions.