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Library Skills Tutorial: Library Skills Tutorial

Start here! Use this tutorial to find quality sources for your paper + sharpen your search skills.

The Library Skills Tutorial is a basic, comprehensive research skills tutorial. It consists of seven videos, interspersed with interactive questions, that will guide you through the processes of finding books and articles, including how to: create a research question, identify keywords & additional search terms, perform a search, refine a search, and capture an article and/or retrieve a book.

As you work your way through the tutorial, you will be asked to answer specific questions about your research topic and assignment. The tutorial captures this information and compiles a targeted plan for your research, as well as allowing you to capture the sources that you find. This information is emailed to you upon completion of the tutorial. If your professor has asked you for proof of completion of this tutorial, you can either forward this email to him/her or print it out.

Please Note: The tutorial occasionally has trouble sending out its email summary messages. If you need proof that you've completed the tutorial, please copy the text on the last page of the tutorial where it lists the content you entered. Paste that text into an email or other document for your instructor. Thanks for your patience!