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Ebooks: Ebooks @ the Leonard Library

Information about SF State Library's Ebooks, including how to find them, read them, and use them for your research.

Which ebooks do you have?

  • The Library provides access to thousands of eBooks but they only make up a small percentage of our total number of books.
  • Our eBooks purchases are generally scholarly and in direct support of coursework so you won’t find many novels or books for popular reading.
  • We don't as a rule buy ebook textbooks, but sometimes you can get lucky if we purchase books that are useful for both research and curriculum. Check our list to see if any of the textbooks your need are available as free ebooks from the Library.
  • A number of ebook vendors provide electronic book access to SF State Library users. Sign into these collections with your SF State ID and Library pin to search for electronic books online.

Read Ebooks Online

  • The quickest and easiest way to use our eBooks is to read them online via your web browser (Safari, Firefox, etc.).

  • You don’t need any special software or reading device to view our eBooks!
  • Some eBooks can be downloaded to your device but it is not usually a quick or easy process.

Search for Ebooks

Search the Library’s online catalog using the eBooks tab, or look for the eBooks graphic.

When searching the Library’s online catalog the eBook Location will be listed as “Internet.”