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Museum Studies: Start

This guide will hopefully assist you in your research specific to the Museum Studies Curriculum and Coursework.

Locating Items We Don't Have

Requesting Books

Books are available via the Request Button in the Leonard Library catalog.  Once you request a book,  you are able to pick them up in an estimated 20 minutes at the book check out desk, first floor (hours)

Locating Books

If you are just starting out with your research and don't yet know much about your topic you are researching, you may want to do a broad search by keyword or subject. A keyword search is less specific than a subject search, and may pull up different results. Once you find a library catalog record that interests you, click on the link to go to that specific catalog record. You can find out more about the book you are interested in by clicking on the "details" tab. It is also helpful to note what the Library of Congress Subject Heading is. Clicking on that subject heading in the library catalog will get you into a more specific area of material. Of course, the more information you have about the book, the quicker you can find it. You can also search by title, author, Library of Congress Call Number, and Other. To select a search method, click on the appropriate circle under the menu tabs.

In the library Investigator catalog you can start by doing a subject search using the term MUSEUMS. Here you will also see the other related subjects in the hierarchy.

Here’s how:
1. Search Library Catalog
2. Click “Save to Book Bag” for each book you want
3. After selecting desired titles, click “View Book Bag”
4. Click “Request Book Bag” to request the items in your Book Bag
5. Enter your name, SF State ID number and Library PIN
6. Click “Submit”

The books you request will be retrieved from the Library and delivered to HSS 102 on weekdays within 24 hours.  You can review the books to decide which ones you want to check out.  If you decide you don't want the books you requested after review, just drop them back into the book return.

Locating Periodicals

There are a few ways to uncover what Museum Studies related Periodicals the library subscribes to. To find what we have in hard copy, you can do a Subject Search using this search string: Museums-Periodicals. Another way to do this is to use the Limiter Tab for Journals and use Museums as your Subject. Try both ways to see the difference.

To find what journals we subscribe to electronically, go to the Electronic Journal List and browse by subject Arts and Humanities. Of course, you can also just look them up by title in both of these places.

Here is an example of some of the academic journals the library carries for Museum Studies research. Full access is limited to SFSU users only. You must have a library PIN and SFSU ID number to access off-campus.


International Journal of Arts Management

International Journal of Heritage Studies

International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing

Journal of Cultural Heritage

Museum International

Museum Management and Curatorship

Security Management

There is a full list of databases that the J. Paul Leonard Library subscribes to at the Database Link found on the library homepage. Scroll down to find the Subject Areas and you will find databases specific to Museum Studies.